The Ultimate Destiny Plan 
(EXTRAordinary Solutions For You In Finding Your Purpose)
My Ultimate Destiny Plan to help find your purpose as you grow closer to God! Also simple step by step guide to get past the barriers of fear, emotional hijacks, and the drama of the trauma so you can walk in your calling with an increased capacity for fulfilling your purpose and your destiny. 
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Through your mentorship, your prayers, your love, your acceptance, and those powerful teaching videos/series in the Kingdom Mentor Media Group I have been able to not only learn more about My Spirit Identity and who I am in Him and as a spiritual being but I have found that quiet intimate place and found Him waiting there for me all along! I have been able to rise above fear, doubt, shame, even cycles of defeat that had me bound and I am experiencing a new season In God & freedom and love like I have been longing for, for a very long time 

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In this free Destiny Plan, I'll show you:
The Power Of Surrender
Learn the power of surrender. Letting go of the negative thouhts, mental fatigue and fighting so you can walk in confidence knwoing how to make things happen.You can learn keys to totally fall into His Hands in a resting place so you can rise and rebuild your dreams. 

Discover that pruning is not about punishment. It’s so you can be more fruitful in your life. You are meant to be a ripe grape in your destiny. You can walk through steps to prune away lack of trust, depression, and messed up multi-taking which leaves you in procrastination mode. 

Learn how you can walk away from emotional hijacking, worries, no balance in your pursuit of your dream. Discover practice steps to your destiny so you can learn the simple way to start  abiding...not striving! 
Discover what happens when you start seeking humbly His wisdom through adoration of Him. Wisdom comes forth so you can truly live in the sweet spot.
and more...
Hi Friend, 

I'm Theresa Croft...wife, mom and Kingdom Mentor. My heart goes out to those who want to grow closer to God and find the fulfillment of their purpose and destiny. My heart is to teach and speak how discovering your identity gives you the capacity to be an influencer in your calling. 

I am one of the few mentors online who not only teach on your mindset for success but also help with implementing proven strategies for spreading your message!

Think of me as a football coach relaying to you, the quarterback, strategic calls so you can score touchdowns in your destiny.

I have been a Prophetic Coach, Social Media Influencer, Author, and Life Speaker for the past 10 years and in media the past 25 years.. 

I am dedicated to spread the “no strive, abide in the Vine” message through media and speaking events. 

I also passionate to help marketplace and ministries harness the power of the internet to share their message, enabling them to “reign online”. . I have been able to help many clients grow in their identity, create their own voice and platform so they can become a influencer in their field

I created and implemented the social media and email marketing campaigns of Stairway Ministries to help them become an “online social media influencer.” Stairway Ministries is the non-profit ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation Bible.

More than anything I desire to truly be a voice speaking life into you.
You have a message. You have breakthrough. You are meant to live in the sweet spot, in the Vine, in your destiny!

In the Vine,
Theresa Croft
THE DESTINY PLAN...KEYS TO Healing Of Your Soul For Increased Capacity For Fulfilling Your Purpose

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