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Introducing Speaker, Author, Mentor..... Theresa Croft
Find Your Voice-Share Your Voice-Market Your Voice
I help women find their voice by repairing their relationship with God resulting in restoration from the drama of the trauma, winning the shame game and walking in clarity in their purpose from the foundation of  their identity. True identity always produces new activity... transformation.

I do this by  with a membership into The Redeem Your Voice Camp, The Kingdom Mentor Podcast, Live Facebook Video including digital courses containing solutions for finding and sharing your voice for profit online.

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Theresa Croft - Solutions To Share With Your Audience:
  • Three Keys To Finding Your Voice: I share the keys for the foundation of identity to repair, restore, and rebuild again based on Amos 9:11
  • The Place Of Breakthrough:  This is a simple design of walking in the full scope if wanting to get unstuck to go forward in your purpose. I share these 5 keys with potential clients to help them have a blueprint to go forward amidst daily struggles and desire to fulfill their Kingdom assignment.
  • Aligning Your Voice With Heaven: Using the acronym C-A-R-E, I delve into four areas that one can connect their truest voice with heaven and find a path between the now and not yet in their calling, dream, or desires.

Theresa Croft
Author..4 Books On Amazon
Mentor...Kingdom Mentor Academy
Social Media Consultant
The Kingdom Mentor Podcast
On i-Tunes and....
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Complimentary Guide-Audio To Help You Find Your Voice!

Hi Friend, 

Find your voice! Share your voice! Market your voice!

Hello! My name is Theresa Croft

I’m an author of Four Books on Amazon including the latest devotional "Secrets To Unlock Your Voice" and the popular devotional "Listen To the Vinedresser."

I'm also a speaker, and mentor passionate to help leaders find their voice so they can be a catalyst for the Kingdom of God with the capacity to be an influencer in their sphere or calling.

I do this by helping women find their voice as they repair their relationship with God resulting in restoration from the drama of the trauma, winning the shame game and walking in clarity in their purpose from the foundation of their identity. True identity always produces new activity... which leads to transformation.

We call it GRIT: Generals Releasing Identity Truths.

I've been involved in media for over 26 years, first with an announcer  for over 15 at a FM Christian Radio Station outside of Atlanta.

For the past 11 years I have been helping leaders find their voice and share their voice online, including social media marketing. One past client was Stairway Ministries, the non-profit ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of the Passion Translation Bible.

My husband, Firebrand Dave, teams up with me to provide Extraordinary Solutions with Upper Level Mentoring featuring "The Heart Sync With The Father's Love". This  includes personal consulting, activating and training to assist leaders in their journey so they can have a solid healthy foundation to be a powerful messenger.

Currently we are seeing powerful women get unchained from their past trauma, finding freedom to have a voice in their families, and some going forward making money online with their creative voice.

 Feel free to contact me if you feel I could serve your audience. 

Thank you for sharing your voice so powerfully online.

Talk soon!   

In the Vine,
Theresa Croft

Hear The Word From Clients...
"Theresa, thank you for being a repairer of the breach and the restorer of streets to dwell in! So many people are thankful for the impact you’ve had on their lives. All of the Vinedresser words are amazing. Exactly, they are timeless…Mighty, anointed words. I feel like you and Dave have been preparing the Land of victory for people..”"
Ryan & Jonell Betancur
Voice Camp/KMA
'I'm so in awe of what God is doing in and through Theresa . I remember The Holy Spirit showing me the Vinedresser about 4 years ago....This year he redirected me back and now I see why. At first HE wanted me to do a program....  to shed off my old habits, hurts and hangups stripping away my character defects, God calls them
 Now I can see and feel more of his filling in my life."
Jackie Walton
Voice Camp/KMA
"Ever since I met Theresa and Dave Croft, I have been so excited to be ministered by them. The teaching on identity has opened my eyes as to who I am in Christ. 
Truth speaks thru them by the word and thru prophecies from the Lord. I have changed and know now who I am. The devotional teachings and the sessions thru the Vinedresser has been helpful in my life. Love you both very much."
Elva Ramirez
Upper Level Father Sync/KMA
Misti--Experiencing Freedom From Trauma

 "I’m just so grateful to be connected with you and Dave and the Kingdom Mentor Academy. I’m so blown away by how God has given me such peace when I know without a doubt the enemy wanted me to give up. Even in the midst of so much uncertainty about my marriage right now, I have crazy peace...
"If I were to share with you in detail all that I have walked through these past two and a half years, you would understand what a miracle it is that I am sane and alive today. I have never before in my life believed that I am a much loved daughter like I believe now!"

Robyn And Julie-Experiencing Alignment

Robyn --This is a safe place. Sometimes we need to be touched with one on one with real people, like Jesus...The words from Dave and Theresa come from His heart...they are tender and anointed.

Julia- From London

"Your teaching and explaining about breakthrough...really helped me to choose to believe who He says He is regardless with what is going on now..."

Marianne With

Short piece of an interview with one of the Kingdom Mentor Academy's powerful women. Marianne birthed her business, Kairos Creative Studio during a challenging time. She has her own prophetic gift shop online making money online. She is also a Launch Mentor using her experience to help mobilize women to learn how to launch their  business online.

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